Tips for Employers – HOW TO Video Series


These short animated videos are designed to give Employers useful information that can easily be implemented to reduce the stress associated with recruitment, hiring and people management.

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How to Deal with the Hourly Rate to Salary issue

The retail automotive industry often sees people transitioning from the world of hourly rate wages to a salary or base retainer plus commission. This can be a difficult concept for some people, even though the total salary or potential earning of their base plus commission is significantly greater than their old world of hourly rate wages.

How to Keep
Great Employees

If you think finding great employees is tough, keeping them can be even harder! In this video I discuss 10 ways all employers can increase the chances of retaining those great employees…

How to Gracefully
Accept a Resignation

Having an employee resign can trigger all kinds of emotions! From relief and joy to anger, hurt, betrayal and annoyance. All managers should learn how to gracefully accept a resignation whether it’s coming from their best or worst team member…

DIY Recruitment is
 not Rocket Science!

Despite the opinions of some recruiters, the recruitment process is not rocket surgery! But for an inexperienced or overworked manager, the process can quickly become a nightmare and have negative impact on your core business. If you must DIY, watch this video first!

Keep in Touch with
Candidates during the Selection Process

No news is news! Learn about this amazing concept and other reasons why employers need to keep in touch with candidates throughout the hiring process. If employer brand is as important as we are lead to believe, don’t risk yours by being uncommunicative…

Job Vacancy
checklist – Part 1

Rather than just recruiting by the seat of your pants, consider having an actual checklist and process that can be easily applied to all vacancies. (part one)

Job Vacancy
checklist – Part 2

The second and final part of the series on the importance of having a checklist process when carrying out any recruitment activity.

5 Essential Job Description elements

Many employers resist the need to create a job description. In this video we discuss why a job description is important and look at the 5 essential elements to include in any job description.

5 Ways to Spot
a Dodgy Resume

Dodgy resumes are an integral part of the hiring process, so it’s important for employers to realise this and have a process in place to quickly spot the red flags so they can spend more time focussing on the good candidates!

5 Job Advert
Mistakes to Avoid

Badly written and confusing job listings will increase the number of unsuitable applicants causing the employer to waste valuable time eliminating candidates who should never have applied in the first place…



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