Tips for Job Seekers – HOW TO Video Series


Laurie Williams' LJW Employment Solutions offers automotive recruitment services to retail new vehicle dealers in Australia.


These short animated videos are designed to give Job Seekers useful information that can easily be implemented to reduce the stress associated with the job search and interview process, and ultimately achieve better outcomes.

Job Seeker Services offered by LJW

This short video details the services offered to Job Seekers by LJW Employment Solutions, including one-to-one coaching and job search strategy advice.

3 Things to consider when giving referees

Giving referees is part of every job application, but unfortunately most Job Seekers fail to give it the necessary thought and preparation. Not all referees are created equally – learn why…

7 Warning Signs that maybe you shouldn’t
take the job

Ever had that feeling that this job is too good to be true? Or that something is “off” about the potential employer or hiring manager? There are times when listening to your “gut” is the best course of action!

How to get more Interview Invitations

Ever wondered why you’re not getting the amount of interview invites you think you should? In this video we look at ways to make your application stand out and increase the number of interviews…

How to gracefully
resign the
Job from Hell

So you’re finally escaping the job or boss from hell! The natural temptation is to tell him exactly what you think about him and or his business. But before you fall into that old trap, watch this video and learn why it might be better to leave on good terms…

How to handle the
Exit Interview

Exit interviews are a great way for an employer to gather information on how to improve the employment experience for their staff. However, despite what you might be told, being too “honest” could come back to haunt you…



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