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The problem to be solved

We all know that the hiring process can be stressful for everyone involved, including:

  • business owners

  • hiring managers

  • hr managers

  • job seekers


Many of these problems are directly caused by a lack of:


  • process

  • time

  • focus

  • expertise

LJW Employment Solutions offers all Employers an effective and flexible alternative to the “pain and suffering” of DIY recruitment.


Many Hiring Managers rightly dread the recruitment process. The pressures of day to day business usually mean they are unable to devote sufficient time and focus to ensure the hiring function is done properly. We all know that employing the wrong person, especially in a key role, can have disastrous consequences on any business, not the least of which is having to do it all over again!


After more than 30 years focusing on the recruitment and placement of quality candidates for automotive dealers and associated small businesses, LJW Employment Solutions understands the challenges facing all Hiring Managers, and can provide expert help with any, or all, aspects of the recruitment process at a cost that won’t cause bill shock!


How can LJW Employment Solutions help?


Think of us as your personal Recruitment Advisor that you can call upon whenever the need arises. 


Need help with:


  • Clarifying the position requirements or your target candidate profile?

  • Creating the appropriate strategy and messaging that will encourage job seekers to apply for your vacancy? 

  • Managing the job listing, application and shortlisting process? 

  • Ensuring the right applicants are interviewed in a timely manner and kept informed at every stage of the selection process? 

  • Checking references and making the job offer to your preferred applicant? 


Basically, we can help you with any or all aspects of the hiring process and you only pay for the time actually spent working on your project.


There are no placement fees to worry about.

How is LJW Employment Solutions different from other recruiters?

The short answer is that we charge an hourly rate (plus expenses if applicable) for the time spent actually working on your project; many other recruiters work on a contingency basis which means they only get paid if they make a successful placement.


On face value this appears to be a good deal for employers, but the reality is that virtually all parties can lose using this method!


Who loses with Contingency or Placement Fee type recruitment services?

1. Recruiters - Multi-listing of non-exclusive assignments equals doing at least 75% of work for free

2. Employers - Lack of commitment will not ensure proper focus on your project if it has a three in four chance of making no money for the recruiter

3. Job Seekers - Seeing the same job advertised by multiple recruiters and the employer direct confuses job seekers and leads to a lot of time wasted by different recruiters dealing with the same candidates for the same job

What's the alternative?

At LJW Employment Solutions we offer flexible freelance recruitment services that allow the employer to request, and pay for, the appropriate level of support required for their specific project. 


We work closely with our employer clients to provide independent advice and guidance aimed at finding the best available people with a minimum of stress. Our rates are reasonable, and you pay only for the time spent on your project.



To discuss your recruitment or job search needs,

call or text Laurie Williams 0412 523 168 

Click on the Contact Laurie button to send email or schedule a phone or video call.

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