• Reduce Recruitment Stress 

  • Deliver a Superior Candidate Experience

  • Save Money

  • Find Better People

The problem to be solved

LJW Employment Solutions offers Automotive Dealers and Small Business Employers an effective alternative to the “pain and suffering” of DIY recruitment.


Many Hiring Managers rightly dread the recruitment process. The pressures of day to day business usually mean they are unable to devote sufficient time and focus to ensure the hiring function is done properly. We all know that employing the wrong person, especially in a key role, can have disastrous consequences on any business, not the least of which is having to do it all over again!


After 29 years focusing on the recruitment and placement of quality candidates for automotive dealers and associated small businesses, LJW Employment Solutions understands the challenges facing all Hiring Managers, and can provide expert help with any, or all, aspects of the recruitment process at a cost that won’t create bill shock!


How much does it cost?

Fees charged by recruiters is often a “hot” topic. Everyone has an opinion and a case can be made for or against any given scenario. The reality is that many employers need help with their recruitment and selection processes, but they simply can’t afford or justify high placement fees.


Many recruiters work on a contingency basis which means they only get paid if they make a successful placement. On face value this appears to be a good deal for employers, but the reality is that virtually all parties lose using this method!


Who loses with Contingency based or Placement Fee type recruitment services?

1. Recruiters - Multi-listing of non-exclusive assignments equals doing at least 75% of work for free

2. Employers - Lack of commitment will not ensure proper focus on your project if it has a three in four chance of making no money for the recruiter

3. Job Seekers - Seeing the same job advertised by multiple recruiters and the employer direct confuses job seekers and leads to a lot of time wasted by different recruiters dealing with the same candidates for the same job

What's the alternative?

At LJW Employment Solutions we offer Employers Unbundled Recruitment Services that allow the employer to request and pay for the appropriate services and level of support for their specific project. 


We work closely with our clients to provide independent advice and guidance aimed at finding the best available people with a minimum of stress. Our rates are reasonable and you pay only for the time spent on your project.

Unbundled Recruitment Services offered by LJW

What does “unbundled recruitment services” mean?

In simple terms it means engaging a recruiter to carry out specific parts of the recruitment process and paying only for those particular services. For example, you might be happy to conduct interviews and make a selection but you’d like someone else to handle the initial listing, enquiries and screening process. And maybe after you’ve made your decision you’d like to outsource the reference checks.


Why do we need unbundled recruitment services?

To answer that, let’s consider the three main players involved in any outsourced recruitment scenario and the different needs and expectations of each party:


  • wants to find the best person for the vacancy

  • wants to fill the vacancy quickly

  • wants minimum inconvenience / effort

  • wants to minimise costs including fees paid to recruiters, advertising, remuneration to selected applicant

Job Seeker
  • wants to find employment or better job

  • wants to get paid as much as possible

  • wants process to be positive and easy

  • doesn’t want to have to jump through too many hoops

  • wants the employer to be happy and a repeat customer

  • wants to make some money

  • wants to provide a positive experience for candidates

  • wants to ensure candidate is competent and legit

The traditional recruitment model


For many years the “standard” outsourced recruitment process utilised the “contingency” model. This basically means that the recruiter assumes all the risk and only gets paid if their candidate is selected and employed. Of course, for many recruiters, this was – and still is – very lucrative! Many placement fees are in excess of 20% of the candidates total remuneration package, although not all recruiters charge that much.


For recruiters, the downside of the contingency model is that you can easily end up doing a lot of work for zero income. And worse, the process encourages “multi-listing” which creates its own stresses and common conflicts.


How do unbundled recruitment services solve the problem?


One of the main reasons that employers are willing to outsource their recruitment is that it’s a stressful and time-consuming task. It is a distraction from the vital task of running your business and many employers simply lack the necessary skills and experience to do the job properly.


By outsourcing the more difficult and time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process to someone with the necessary expertise and focus, you will get a better – and less stressful – result. By utilising a recruiter offering unbundled services, you will minimise the costs. More importantly, the recruiter will be more committed to delivering a quality experience as they know they are being paid for their time.


Here’s an example of how unbundled recruitment services could work for you…


Let’s say your business needs to hire a new Receptionist or Office Administrator and you want the person to have specific previous experience. In the past, recruitment projects for similar roles have involved a large number of applications but only a limited quantity of suitably experienced candidates. You know that posting a job advert will lead to an overflowing inbox and a string of phone calls from unsuitable job seekers.


In this instance, you could engage a recruiter to list the job for you. They would then review and acknowledge all applications, identify and conduct initial phone screen interviews with those that met the criteria and report back to you with recommendations for face-to-face interviews.


At that point, you might ask the recruiter to carry out initial face-to-face interviews or you might elect to interview the chosen few directly. Once a small number of potential candidates are identified, the recruiter could be asked to carry out reference checks and perhaps assist in the job offer process.


Ultimately you get the benefits of using a recruiter but only pay for the time spent delivering the services you need in this particular assignment, and at the end of the process, there are no big placement fee bills to pay!


Want to know more?

Remember that you can actually use any recruitment service in isolation or together with others. Let’s say you’ve found a great applicant but want to get someone independent to offer an insight – just arrange for us to interview that candidate and report back to you…


Unbundled services will be charged at an hourly rate plus expenses (e.g. advertising) and can be used for any recruitment service either in isolation or grouped.


Some of these might be:

  • Review previous unsuccessful recruitment campaigns

  • Advise on alternative recruitment processes and strategies

  • Write a position descriptionjob listing or advert

  • Prepare images for social media posts

  • Place advertising

  • Handle enquiries

  • Acknowledge / reject applicants

  • Carry out initial phone screen interviews

  • Carry out initial face-to-face interviews

  • Prepare shortlist recommendations

  • Carry out reference checks

  • Assist with job offer negotiations



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