Need to make staff redundant?
We can help you!
  • Reduce Redundancy Stress for Managers and Business Owners

  • Provide Timely and Practical Assistance to Displaced Employees

  • Professional Help for Retrenched Workers will help them in the Job Search Process

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The problem to be solved

Given the on-going COVID lockdowns and other challenges facing businesses right now, many will inevitably face the difficult decision of having to make some people redundant.


Terminating people is stressful


Having to let staff go is one of the toughest things an employer has to face, and the effects on the retrenched employee can be devastating.


To help employers facing lay offs I’ve developed a low cost outplacement service aimed at giving the displaced employee some practical help and support through a painful and difficult process.


Offer practical help when it is most needed


This outplacement service will entitle the displaced employee to a range of professional advice and services to help them prepare for and navigate the job search process.

  • Phone or video call to clarify and understand the individual's circumstances, relevant needs and expectations.

  • Review of the job seeker's resume and LinkedIn profile with assistance to improve this and other job search material.

  • Help in formulation of a suitable job search strategy.

  • Advice on cover letter writing, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, interview follow up, job offer negotiation etc.

Direct marketing of suitable Job Seekers


Retrenched staff who are signed up to this service by their employer will also be marketed to potential employers on a no placement fee basis.

Which Job Seekers will benefit most from this service?

Most Job Seekers will benefit from having an independent third party to assist them with the job search process. Realistically, high achievers may have less need for help, however solid, reliable, long-term employees who ned more help.


Anyone who has been employed by one organisation for a long time, and who lacks recent experience with the job search process, will find it advantageous to have someone in their corner during such a stressful time.


How much will it cost?


Cost to the employer is $500.00 + GST for the first person, and $450.00 + GST for any subsequent displaced employees enrolled in the outplacement program.


(Some conditions apply)



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